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Luxor and hot air ballon

Londres, Reino Unido
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Luxor and hot air ballon


I am traveling to Egypt at the end of this month and we are going to Luxor too. Our tour has booked a hot air ballon ride but we are starting to have cold feet, I have asked our tour but he says is not a problem if you have vertigo, still we could do it. As an example, we came back from Brighton and we took the new Brighton wheel and as it was moving due to the wind, it was scary and we finished asking for help (I know, it sounds pathetic, lol)

My concerns are:

1. If one of us suffer from vertigo, is a good idea to do it?

2. Is the hot air ballon safe?

3. Do you notice the wind?

4. We are going to use a company called Sindbad Hot Air Balloons, has anyone used the company, please? any tips and personal experiences?

Thanks a lot,


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Vienna, Austria
de Viena, Austria, Innsbruck
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