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Vive en Pflugerville, Texas

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I have been bitten by wanderlust and have satisfied it by taking long road trips every year rather than moving around like a nomad. Instead of looking at a car trip as something to get through, we feel it is an integral part of the vacation. I think you can experience so much more when traveling on the road, and some of our most memorable vacation moments happened because we saw something before we got to our main destination. For example, when traveling through Arizona to the Grand Canyon we took a scenic bypass on a whim from Sedona to Flagstaff, and it was absolutely gorgeous! If you are looking at my reviews, bear in mind that I usually don't rate something if I didn't like it since many times maybe it just isn't my thing. So a lot of my reviews are "5's" because I mostly like to talk about the places I really like versus the ones I don't. The exceptions to this would be reviews I write while traveling instead of ones in my local area.

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