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Barrio: Centrum
El bullicioso eje central de Ámsterdam, con su creciente red de tranvías y constante trasiego de turistas y personas que vienen a trabajar a la ciudad, proporciona fácil acceso a algunas de las mejores atracciones, tiendas y vida callejera de Europa. Muy cerca encontrarás el Palacio Real, las peculiares tiendas de Haalremmerdijk y las áreas peatonales de Kalverstraat y la plaza Dam, con zonas populares como el barrio rojo o el cinturón de canales, a tiro de piedra. Teniendo como base la Centraal Station, excelentemente comunicada, es muy sencillo hacer uso de uno de los icónicos tranvías de la ciudad para realizar trayectos más largos.
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  • Nieuwmarkt • A 9 min. a pie

3 opiniones
Muy bueno

abr. de 2015 • Amigos
Yes its a club, yes its cosy but the people are fun, the groove it hot and the vibe is waiting for you! No but seriously, it can be pretty busy. Me being a weekly chapter fan, I know that the bartenders are awesome and the shots/drinks they create are delicious! For me its worthwile standing in line, as its always a party to stay until the end.
Escrita el 4 de mayo de 2015
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Ámsterdam, Países Bajos29 aportes
It's Over
abr. de 2015 • Amigos
The once fresh and energetic Fissa-hangout has finally collapsed under the weight of its own success. It has been a fabulous 2 years, but it's all over.

I used to come to this basement club from time to time to dance-off the week and get lost in the Friday night high-speed hip-hop mixtapes of the resident DJs. The atmosphere was great: the public could be characterised as alternative-yuppie that reminded of Zara-mannequins with a high education in their mid-twenties to early thirties, the dance floor was always filled but not packed, bouncers and bartenders greated everyone with a smile and the music lifted the whole scene on an alcohol-infused cloud to the highest echelons of extacy when Gettin Jiggy With It, Sterrenstof and Mo Money Mo Problems were combined in an acrobatic rollover on the wheels-of-steel.

Those days are over. The place has gotten popular in the notoriously ponderous Hipster-community, a band of Marqt-addicts that now patronise this once inspiring place as their modern-day Juggernaut. Nowadays, there's a queue of about 1-2 hours where you are made to wait in harrowing uncertainty for what the empress at the end has in store for you. This Lernaean Hydra with an utter provincial appearance applies a highly volatile and completely random set of values to whoever dares turning up to her exclusive party in the dead of night, and dismisses whole packs of perfectly suited people with an ease and swiftness that makes Pontius Pilate look like Mother Teresa.

Say that you survive this madness and still haven't lost your appetite for a night out in the dungeon, you'll face a number of nasty surprises inside. There is no proper cloackroom, so you'll be standing in line (again!) for some sort of kitchen, where a highly amateuristic storage system has arisen. The dance floor that once boasted sensational gravity is simply stuffed to the last centimeter with a heavily transpiring crowd that can't move. Bartenders try to force you into taking out cash when you swipe a debit card (i.e. paying 50 more and receiving that in cash), cause they don't get tips from electronic payments. The bathroom, which is a gloomy mixed man/woman area that was kinda cheeky in the early days, has become the only safe haven for people whishing to escape the sweatshop for a bit.

The former high-energy pleasure den has transformed into a high-temperature hipster hole
Escrita el 3 de mayo de 2015
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Henry N
Nijmegen, Países Bajos1 aporte
Next Friday's Fissa is a party you wouldn't wanna miss-a
abr. de 2015 • Amigos
After reading all about Amsterdam's nightlife that is overflowing with pubs and cafes, you will find that Chapter 21 definitely fills up a niche in Amsterdam's nightcrawlers' scene - if you manage to get in. Only a few footsteps down a dimly-lit alley, you will find the ever-so-friendly bouncers of this place casting a critical but not unfriendly eye on aspiring visitors' outfits and assumed level of liquor intake: unsophisticatedly-dressed, boasting vagrants flashing their business cards of some local investment bank, knocking the doors with a breath of alcohol and garlic-rich meals around them can expect to find themselves back on the main streets within moments.

By maintaining this strict door policy of letting in only a selective crowd of well-dressed and likewise-mannered mix of fit local women and the handsome-looking top dogs of their opposing sex, this absolutely excellent venue manages to live up to its carefully built-up and cultivated image of an underground hip-hop basement in the literal sense of the word. Once inside this hidden pearl in the shadows of the Amsterdam Royal Palace on Dam Square, expect to be king in your castle. After paying the hefty but self-selecting entrance sum of EUR 10 pax and passing the adjacent Supper Club (of which a quick sneak preview will suffice for most people) on your way down, you will be bouncing, bumping and grinding the tunes of the notorious B.I.G. and Fat Joe & Ashanti's evergreen "What's love" within only seconds.

Order a sweet wodka with a hint of lime at the long bar with its quick-serving casual-friendly staff and pour it down yourself or share it with one of your new-made friends. Don't be surprised if groups of absolutely breathtaking, astonishing topmodels will find their way to your side, making you wonder what made you so uncertain when approaching girls in the schoolyard only yesterday. You won't be living the life, you'll be living the dream, topping champagne bottles with your queen.

Only downside of this unambiguously recommended place for a great Friday night out is its closing time: the pinnacle of swagger closes at 04.00, putting another sheer-unsurmountable 40 hour workweek between you and next week's "Fissa".

Rating Chapter 21 with five shining stars was an absolute no brainer: definitely go!
Escrita el 18 de abril de 2015
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