Lauriston Reservoir

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Lauriston Reservoir

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Bendigo, Australia33.113 aportes
A special place off the grid
sep. de 2021
I drove out of Kyneton, past the Railway Station and followed the signs. I found a roadside stop, where there was room for about two cars to pull next to the curb and thought that was all there was to it... lovely views and a nice walk. But when I returned to my car, followed the road, then I found the magic. I entered the Reservoir area which was exceptionally laid out. There are amenities for people in wheelchairs or with mobility issues... toilets and BBQ areas. Picnic tables everywhere and seating just to enjoy the view.

The construction of this reservoir is significant as there are only three of these in the world. Concrete buttresses, a design that gives the dam substantial strength, were poured into situ- a technique that was used a decade earlier at Hoover Dam, USA. (Another dam I have visited a long time ago) A 'flying fox' delivered the concrete to the pour area. The completion of this supplied the deepest water storage in the Coliban Water System, thus reducing water loss through evaporation.
Escrita el 19 de septiembre de 2021
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