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Driving Miss Daisy (Pulitzer Prize winning play): Love transcends boundaries, cements humanity
ene. de 2020
A pesar de los prejuicios raciales profundamente arraigados y las disparidades económicas y sociales, el amor aún puede abrirse paso y unir a las personas. Una experiencia tan intensa fue cuando tuve la oportunidad de ver una poderosa representación teatral, "Driving Miss Daisy". Organizada por The Gate Theatre en Chiang Mai, Tailandia, del 16 al 19 de enero de 2020, Driving Miss Daisy es una obra ganadora del Premio Pulitzer, escrito por Alfred Fox Uhry, ganador de un premio de la Academia nacido en 1936, basado en sus recuerdos de su abuela y su chofer, en tiempos de movimiento por los derechos civiles en Atlanta. Stephan Turner dirigió esta obra y actuó justamente el papel del chofer Hoke, mientras Pamela Teves presenta su fuerte actuación como Miss Daisy. En esas dos horas y media de teatro, atravesamos un viaje de más de 25 años durante el cual se desarrolla un hermoso vínculo emocional entre la élite Miss Daisy Werthan y su chofer nublado Hoke Colburn. Si bien los actores de la obra han hecho justicia a cada escena, pero lo mejor se guardó para la última. El telón de fondo de la última escena es un asilo de ancianos donde Hoke y el hijo de la señorita Daisy la visitan el Día de Acción de Gracias. La tierna preocupación y el amor con los que ambos comparten un pastel no podrían haberse realizado de manera más justa. Con todos los prejuicios raciales y otras formas de inequidades que disminuyen con los años, la pureza y la santidad del amor que permanece entre los dos, es simplemente épica. Felicitaciones a Gates Theatre Group!

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Muy bueno

Frank W
5 aportes
From One Masterpiece to Another
dic. de 2020
The Gate Theatre Group just gets better and better. The performers give little hint that they are, by and large, amateurs -- as their work onstage gives has all the earmarks of a professional company.

Their most recent production, TWELVE ANGRY JURORS, is simply a masterpiece. No one in the audience leaves unmoved and without a tear in the eye.

Going to a performance of The Gate is a must for residents and tourists alike. It will promises to be an unforgettable experience.
Escrita el 6 de diciembre de 2020
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Mérida, México15 aportes
A totally fun evening
feb. de 2020
Harvey is a beautifully acted, well directed evening of pure fun. My Thai wife laughed throughout the performance. I have a friend in the play and this was the first time I saw him perform. What a treat.
You can't go wrong buying a ticket to this show. You'll be glad you did.
Ken S.
Escrita el 27 de febrero de 2020
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Lucknow, India54 aportes
Driving Miss Daisy (Pulitzer Prize winning play): Love transcends boundaries, cements humanity
ene. de 2020

Despite deep-rooted racial prejudices, and economic and social disparities, love can still find its way through and bind people together. One such intense experience was when I got a chance to see a powerful theatre performance, "Driving Miss Daisy”. Staged by The Gate Theater in Chiang Mai, Thailand during 16-19 January 2020, Driving Miss Daisy is a Pulitzer Prize winning play, written by 1936-born Academy award winning Alfred Fox Uhry, based on his memories of his grandmother and her chauffeur, in times of civil rights movement in Atlanta. Stephan Turner directed this play and justly enacted the role of chauffeur Hoke, while Pamela Teves putting forth her strong performance as Miss Daisy.

In those two and a half hours of theatre, we traversed through a journey of over 25 years over which a beautiful emotional bond develops between the elite Miss Daisy Werthan and her clouded chauffeur Hoke Colburn.

While the actors of the play have indeed done justice to every scene, but the very best was saved for the last. The backdrop of the last scene is an old-age nursing home where Hoke and Miss Daisy’s son are paying a visit to her on Thanksgiving Day.
The tender concern and love with which both share a pie could not have been enacted more justly. With all racial prejudices and other forms of inequities waning away over the years, the purity and sanctity of love that remains between the two, is simply epic. Kudos to Gates Theater Group!

Escrita el 25 de febrero de 2020
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Chiang Mai, Tailandia236 aportes
Healing is different from cure, conveys Pirates Of Chemotherapy
mar. de 2019 • Pareja
Healing is different from cure, conveys Pirates Of Chemotherapy

When we first heard of a dramatic comedy theatre play on breast cancer, it was difficult to comprehend as to how the three - comedy, theatre and the poignant theme of breast cancer - will go together. Glad we went for the preview show of this play because it did justice to comedy, theatre and breast cancer issue in a very compelling way (and ended up seeing 3 shows in a go!).

One of the most throbbing messages, that resonates within me, is: healing is different from cure. It is important to mention that this play was staged by outstanding artists, few of whom are breast cancer survivors (including one male actor) themselves.

Toni Cacioppo, director of this powerful dramatic comedy, Pirates of Chemotherapy (written by Paul Schutte), explained in an exclusive interview with Steve Mellow: "Not only ‘Pirates Of Chemotherapy’ is funny and well written with rich and well-developed characters, but it also has a message that needs to go out. And that message is 'importance of early detection of breast cancer' - sooner your breast cancer is caught higher your rates of survival.”

'I hated when people preach to me'

“One of the characters in the play says, ‘I hated when people preach to me’. So, this play gets the message out in an entertaining way and you do not feel that you are being preached,” points out Toni Cacioppo, underpinning why it is vital to ensure that entertainment and education go hand-in-hand.

This play, Pirates Of Chemotherapy, was staged in Chiang Mai, Thailand (14-17 February 2019) and live streamed online on 15th February 2019.

This 'dramedy' is about six women (and one man) who share a diagnosis of #breastcancer, all of whom are in various stages of treatment, recovery, and remission. They bond and band together in touching, and often hilarious, support of one another, pledging to live life to the fullest!

When life takes a permanent detour

The play begins on the note of how a positive diagnosis of breast cancer, and disclosure, impacts people and life takes a permanent detour thereon. The counselling systems (if) in place, are rightly providing information, but are the affected people able to grasp and absorb all the information bombarded to them? Are our health systems giving space enough for people to better cope with the therapy?

Life-changing impact of cancer diagnosis is coupled with deep rooted concerns of losing body parts, such as breast, and intertwined with a matrix of human interpersonal issues.

Dr Rita Banik, who has not only courageously fought breast cancer but also bravely survived other cancer recurrences, joined the live streaming of Pirates Of Chemotherapy. "Even cancer diagnosis creates a big havoc in our mind. Cancer related fatigue starts from our mind, then the fatigue grows through the long treatment, surgery, chemotherapy etc, and drains all our energy. Besides, there is the looming danger of cancer spreading in the body, which happened in my case. I was a normal person having a good life, and with one stroke of cancer diagnosis, everything changed - it changes the life dramatically" said Dr Banik who now leads 'Race To Rein In Cancer'.

Break the silence!

For me, it is important to share how this comedy play successfully breaks the silence that surrounds intimacy and sexuality related concerns of breast cancer patients.

Thankfully this play has one male breast cancer survivor along with six female survivors. Women face the majority of the burden of breast cancer, as well as are at higher risk, but men and transgender people have breasts too and do get affected by cancer of the breast, although the rates are much lower compared with women.

Jokes apart, mammogram procedures are painful. This truth is so rightly brought out in the play too. We need better diagnostics that is convenient, patient-friendly, affordable and accessible to all those in need. If we truly want people to get mammography done regularly when indicated, then we have to ensure it is patient-friendly and not painful. People's needs should set the research agenda.

"It is hard to laugh with well ones. They do not know how it feels" is a line from the play that still echoes in my heart. Perhaps that is why affected communities connect so intensely with each other and help one another as they move ahead in their journey to heal and cure. May be people who undergo similar experiences find it easier to be vulnerable enough to share with each other with empathy and dignity.

Human relationships are so central, especially when the going gets tough. Data shows women have been abandoned by their husbands and thrown out of homes when infected with diseases like cancer or tuberculosis (TB) disease (over 100,000 women with TB.

Travails of women with breast cancer multiply if their relationship with their partner goes through a rocky phase. “My husband left me”, “I was withering away, he won’t even touch me”, “ I wonder what he truly feels about me”, “I have a chest of a boy”, “I cannot stand to look at you”, “He married a whole woman”, “this is about intimacy, about being a woman”, “Do you still find me attractive? My breasts were first thing that attracted him to me – he wants to hold me tight, but he is afraid he may hurt me” were some of the dialogues spoken by characters in the play that still are etched in my mind. “We are more than a couple of breasts” rightly said the survivors in unison!

A character in the play goes through divorce where her husband has cleaned all her bank accounts leaving her on the edge of bankruptcy. This character rightly remarks “He said I looked like a pirate but he was a pirate all the while”.

“Why anyone else will love you when you don’t love yourself” is another life influencing dialogue during a conversation between survivors in support group.


Towards the end of this play, a character dies as her breast cancer could not be detected early enough and had spread too. Before she passed away in the play, how "healing" happened in the support group despite her suffering from incurable cancer, is so powerfully yet subtly brought out. Resurrection was the name of the store she ran, and is also the name of the sequel of this play which is currently being developed, shared Toni Cacioppo.

“Educate in a way they don’t get to know they are being educated” is another value this play embodies!

Pirates Of Chemotherapy was live streamed!

Breast cancer was among the two most common cancers globally in 2018. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), two most common cancers last year, were lung cancer (2.09 million cases and 1.76 million deaths in 2018) and breast cancer (2.09 million cases and 627,000 deaths in 2018), said Dr Pooja Ramakant, noted breast cancer surgeon and researcher with the King George’s Medical University (KGMU).
Dr Pooja Ramakant, Associate Editor of prestigious Indian Journal of Surgery, who joined the live streaming of Pirates Of Chemotherapy play said: “I agree with Toni Cacioppo, as preaching does not help much but we have to effectively communicate in local contexts to encourage health seeking behaviour. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, and in developing countries it is also among the deadliest cancers. Women present late to us. Unfortunately 50-70% of patients are already in advanced stage or metastatic when they are first diagnosed. If breast cancer is picked up early, then survival is much better. All women and men must self-examine their breasts every month - neither does it cost anything, nor is any equipment needed. If in any doubt people must seek medical checkup without any delay.”

Dr Pooja Ramakant, who is former member of Editorial Board of Indian Association of Endocrine Surgeons (IAES) added that patient support groups play a key role in helping people with breast cancer. Those who have gone through the journey of seeking treatment for breast cancer are best placed to help support each other. Quality cancer care includes dignity, respect, support and love and considers not just the physical impact of cancer but respects the emotional and social wellbeing of each individual and their carer.

Dr Chanchal Rana, breast pathologist from King George’s Medical University (KGMU), also joined the live streaming of Pirates Of Chemotherapy. She said "Breast cancer can be diagnosed at an early stage and is a treatable malignancy. In developing countries like ours many times patients are coming at a very late stage where they have to go through more extensive surgery, chemotherapy and other treatment modalities. Good sign is that more women are self-examining their breasts. We must remember that cancer of the breast is treatable if diagnosed at an early stage."


One of the after thoughts of seeing this play three times, was, how people who come across often as “indestructible”, may be tanking up issues that make them vulnerable as human beings. Being invulnerable and indestructible also perhaps prevent them from accepting love and empathy.

When the live streaming of Pirates Of Chemotherapy play ended, Shobha Shukla, noted gender justice advocate and Executive Director of CNS (Citizen News Service) commented: "What I learnt today is that while cancer is nothing to laugh about, but one can choose to laugh at it. Just like pirates of the sea, you really did spit in the wind against all odds and made it change its direction. And like pirates, despite the missing parts, you fought a formidable battle, and reminded us of how the relentless human spirit responds to love and also that healing is different than cure. The play was like an infomercial for early cancer detection and convinced me that along with chemotherapy, the curative powers of laughter and fortitude should not be discounted."
Escrita el 22 de febrero de 2020
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Chiang Mai, Tailandia157 aportes
Theater at its very best
ene. de 2020
In a word, The Gate Theater Group is simply magnificent!! I've been going to their performances for over 10 years, and with each one, I feel that I've witnessed near perfection. Then another comes, and its ever more nearly perfect than the last.

Recent productions were AN INSPECTOR CALLS and DRIVING MISS DAISY. Soon, HARVEY will appear. Any tourist or resident of Chiang Mai who fails to see one of these events is missing a pleasure that surpasses its famous shopping and food scenes.

Technically, this is "amateur" theater, but many of the people in The Gate have lifetimes of experience in performance and production of theatrical works of art.

If you have the opportunity -- Go!
Escrita el 18 de enero de 2020
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Denise K
Brisbane, Australia40 aportes
The Sunday performance of Into the Light Focus on the Actor
nov. de 2017 • Pareja
This was a brilliant Sunday afternoon of entertainment. The actors were all fabulous and it was great to see a mixture of both young and older actors. Incredibly moving were some of the acts. It was 15 different actors playing certain roles, some very funny and others very moving and quite sad but portrayed so well. Thanking you all very much. Keep up the great work.
Escrita el 5 de noviembre de 2017
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Statesboro, GA1.061 aportes
Must see a show here
jul. de 2017 • Solitario
Gate theater was built up in 1928 and it still keep in really good condition now

If you have time I strongly recommend you to buy a ticket and enjoy a show here.

Here is the reasons. First of all, the location is quiet near the city center so it's easy to get there. Secondly , the theater is not so big so that everyone got to have a nice view here. Finally, the price is not that high so most of you can afford it.

The most important things of all. The show is absolutely fantastic and I strongly recommend you must come and see a show
Escrita el 27 de julio de 2017
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Chiang Mai2.066 aportes
Gate Theater Production of The Exonerated
mar. de 2017
THE GATE THEATER GROUP: THE EXONERATED - A fantastic performance by every single cast member making for another evening of quality, live, English speaking theater. This production was simply stunning! Stephan Turner had a vision when he began to plan this project and he brought it to life . With his quiet and thoughtful directing, he then brought all of the cast into that vision. With a spare and dark stage setting. Strikingly dramatic lighting and a background music score that added even more to the storytelling atmosphere, Stephan and the cast shared their vision with the audience for an all too quick 90 minutes. I hope The Gate Theater will consider bringing The Exonerated back to Chiang Mai for an "Encore" in the very near future. Thanks to the Gate Theater for taking me on this incredible ride. I can't wait to see what you're planning for your 10th anniversary season American. Marie (nannyre)
Escrita el 14 de marzo de 2017
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Joyce M
3 aportes
Wow , an English Theater in Chiang Mai, Thailand
ene. de 2017 • Pareja
This should definitely be on your list when you visit Chiang Mai.
I am signing up as a member so I can get the lastest news on the Gate Theater
Escrita el 15 de febrero de 2017
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Chiang Mai2.066 aportes
More About The Gate Theater
sep. de 2016 • Solitario
As an American, living in Chiang Mai Thailand for more than 14 years now I can't begin to tell you all how much I appreciate live, English speaking theater here in my adopted hometown! I've lived in Boston and NYC and always loved going to live performances in both of those cities. When I found The Gate here in Chiang Mai, I was in heaven! After sitting in the audience for performances of The Laramie Project, Driving Miss Daisy (which brought me to tears), as well as several other of The Gate's projects I became involved. In September I joined a small group of "first time ever on the stage" actors for The Gate Readers Theater Group "one of" performances of "Morning's At Seven"....What a thrill! I strongly suggest if you're visiting my adopted hometown and there is a performance going on DO ATTEND....If you live here and you think there is an "inner child" actor deep inside you've been wanting to let out on live theater stage DO NOT miss this group of wonderful, talented, kind, caring, genuine people who all give so much to the community! ...also, if you only feel comfortable helping behind the scenes.....check the group out! Marie (nannyre)
Escrita el 27 de noviembre de 2016
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