Galapagos Republic Brewing Company

Galapagos Republic Brewing Company, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno - opiniones y fotos

Galapagos Republic Brewing Company
16:00 - 23:00
16:00 - 23:00
16:00 - 23:00
16:00 - 23:00
16:00 - 23:00
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Dallas, TX416 aportes
Fun little craft brewery; solid beers; a local brewer with big plans and a love of the islands
ago. de 2021
My husband and I always look for local breweries and unique craft beers when we travel. While in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno after an expedition cruise, we found Galapagos Republic Brewing Company on "the" map app and set out with anticipation. Arriving a little too early for the 4pm opening (although greeted at the low gate by a couple of friendly dogs), we headed back after dinner. Our same canine welcoming committee came to the gate and this time they were followed by the brewer himself. He gave us a tour of his immaculate and modern brewing equipment, then returned with us to the cute courtyard sitting area where he offered us a tasting of the three handcrafted beers on tap that weekday night: Chatham Blond Ale (5.6% ALC, 20 IBU, 5 SRM), Norfolk Red IPA (6.7% ALC, 52 IBU, 16 SRM, Ablemarle Stout (7.2% ALC, 31 IBU, 37 SRM). We enjoyed the samples then ordered our pints. We had a great time visiting with him about his beers and his plans to expand and use more local ingredients. We were the only guests that night (due, no doubt, to it being mid-week; and tourism being at a low due to the pandemic). Our host assured us, though, that things are busy on weekends and there's local entertainment on the little stage. Our host also explained to us the origin of the name "Galapagos Brewing" having much to do with his love for his home islands. I expect a bright future for this brewery. Don't miss it if you like beer or just want to find a non-touristy, charming local spot. I wish TripAdvisor would let me post the photos I took of this brewery. It's so frustrating that they don't on first reviews. Maybe my husband can review after me and post them. If not, I plan to write this brewery up on my blog, Wanderwiles, and will post pics there. Find out more on their FB page at galapagosrepubliccraftbeer. Hint: Ask the brewer to show you the video he keeps on his phone of a close encounter with orcas and an orca feeding frenzy on a dead hammerhead. Wow!
Escrita el 17 de agosto de 2021
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