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Marantha GPS Travel
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Operadora de turismo y agencia de viajes, somos profesionales en la industria turística, además colonos de nacimiento en las hermosas islas Galápagos. La ética de la empresa se encuentra basada en principios cristianos. Nuestra experiencia hace que seamos la mejor opción para su próximo viaje.
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Puerto Ayora, Ecuador
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Marantha GPS Travel
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4,5 de 5 burbujas3 opiniones
Muy bueno

2 aportes
4,0 de 5 burbujas
dic de 2022 • Pareja
Candida is a very professional and responsive tour operator with an excellent team of onground tour assistants and knowledge multi lingual guides.

We were recieved at Baltra by the most pleasant and helpful guide Sandra who is a local that has grown up on the Galapagos Islands.

We spent the 1st night in Puerto Ayeora saw the Charles Darwin Center and like clockwork .. were transported to Isabella Island the next morning.

Everything was as stated in the itinerary with no hidden surprises and/or costs.

This agency can be trusted all the way and they were pragmatic to accommodate all our customisation requests.

It was an exceptional 4days/3nights tour ... with only one suggested change - add tour to Tunnels in place of repeating Tortoise breeding centre in Isabella Island.

Mid budget tour with 5 star service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Escrita el 25 de diciembre de 2022
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Stephne A
Shaka's Rock, Sudáfrica790 aportes
4,0 de 5 burbujas
may de 2019 • Amigos
The Cormorant is a beautifully equipped catamaran that sails around the various Galapagos Islands. It has 8 double cabins which includes 2 spacious suites on the middle deck.
The cabins are well appointed with A/C’s, a shower, toilet and handbasin. Hairdryer and enviro friendly shampoos, conditioners, soaps and hand washes. The cupboards are spacious and in our case, the add on suite have us ample room. The views from the private verandah and bathroom windows are spectacular.
Laundry is done by the cabin boy as part of the service.
Three delicious meals are served every day with snacks and cool drinks available at intervals. Coffee and tea available 24 hours.
I would prefer more local food but it seems that most tourists are uncomfortable with different food. The tap water on board is of good quality but again some tourists prefer to stick to bottled water (or in this case reverse osmosis desalinated water).
Cool drinks (as long as they were not in plastic bottles eg sparkling water/soda water) were free but soda water was charged at over US$ 4,00!
A guide is assigned to you from the airport and accompany you throughout your trip and final return to the airport. There is a downside here as only one guide is allocated to a group of 16 guests so quality time is out of the question. Another thing to be considered is you landing time as the boat is only available from around 17hoo. Also arrange that you have an early flight out as waiting at an inadequate airport for 5 hours is extremely tiresome.
Activities include beautiful walks around various Galápagos Islands and snorkelling.
This might be an expensive holiday but seeing the incredible care that is taken of the islands and the trusting animals that inhabit those islands, it is worth every cent. Not a piece of plastic or any litter to be seen on the Islands is wonderful.
Consider getting a prescription from your doctor if you suffer from motion sickness as that could destroy your trip although the Catamaran is very stable.
Escrita el 19 de mayo de 2019
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Mahwah, Nueva Jersey2 aportes
5,0 de 5 burbujas
abr de 2019 • Familia
Huge land tortoises and turtles in the sea the size of cars , but you see them in the wild ... the kicker rock water currents r rough n the sharks are all around you when snorkeling, but the ocean is so rich in nutrients they are all very content. We got really calm and clear water during this snorkeling in kicker rock.

This is not a place for light hearted people ... if you want to only enjoy beaches then Cancun carrebian is beautiful .. and will work out cheaper( but isla Isabella beaches r beautiful, so also San cristabol and near bartolome, Santiago)

To see the previously almost extinct tortoises in their natural habitat ( galapaguera reserve) we had to walk through knee deep swamps without shoes and walk fo hrs in the wild

Some islands have huge house flies along the shore that bite and in swamps

Everyday there is Atleast 2 hrs hike in the wild .. but you are rewarded in abundance ... the animals are fearless and you are surrounded by them. Blue foot boobies, fridgate birds, nascau boobies … huge iguanas( this is Punta Pitt and north seyamour)

We went to los tunnels: during the full moon the ocean is aggressive and the waters not clear; to see giant turtles you will be swimming in the murky waters full of rocks if you don’t keep your head in the water your legs r sure shot hit and the monster houseflies are busy feeding on you :)) (they are a real pain in the ***) . Whales ,dolphins racing your boat ; forearm size penguins ... what a ride ..

One island (bartolome)... as you reach near the coast (hmm like you are able to see the island), you start seeing heads popping out in the water everywhere; huge turtles swimming all around you and the Baby turtles following them ...

It’s a wonderland for kids as long as they are adventurous!!! My son was racing with a sea lion following the sharks... at the kicker rock

One rule in Galápagos is you cannot touch the animals!!! But they will come to you!

Go n do it! That place is magical.

Oh n I forgot .... in the ocean you will see huge manta rays doing summersault in the sky ... school of sting rays and you become one with them ... at peace as if you belong there with them, all these wonderful life n you in harmony.

Playa Mann at isla San Cristabol is full of sea lions they are Swimming with you and around you… what a joy, reminded me of the kids movie ( song of the sea) it had that other worldly feel to it, especially in the night when they are resting along the dock and beach …

also try planning your trip and snorkeling so you can avoid the full moon days … you will not be able to see or enjoy the gems in the oceans!
Escrita el 17 de mayo de 2019
Esta opinión es la opinión subjetiva de un miembro de Tripadvisor, no de Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor les hace controles a todas las opiniones.

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