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Muy bueno

Nueva Delhi, India103 aportes
Thrilling to witness the border
nov. de 2019
Nice experience , difficult to reach but manageable , good for bag packers. Do take prior permissions
Escrita el 12 de noviembre de 2019
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Tinsukia, India71 aportes
Casual tour
dic. de 2017 • Familia
Nice place to visit. Could have been better if Myanmar govt put more effort to make the Lake of no return more tourist friendly. Festival at nampong is vibrant. A unique culture, history, atmosphere to learn and enjoy.
Escrita el 15 de diciembre de 2017
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Digboi, India70 aportes
ene. de 2017 • Amigos
In 2017, the Pangsua pass winter festival will be held for 3 days from 20th to 22nd January. Everyone participating in the fest will get to experience the hospitality of the tribal people and all you will need to travel along is a heart full of enthusiasm and the openness to be surprised! If truth and beauty lie in simplicity, the Pangsau Winter Festival 2017 is the perfect representation of it.

 The intention of the Pangsau Pass Winter Festival - 2017 is to transcend geographical frontiers by revealing the enigma of amazing Arunachal, including that of mesmerizing Myanmar. It has become a wonderful medium to commemorate the glorious bygone eras of the many lively tribes of the serene state. Pangsu Pass Winter Festival has been successfully scripting the triumphs of tribal heritage and ethnicity of the region.
The venue of the event, Nampong , is an EAC HQ of Changlang district (situated in the southeastern part of Arunachal Pradesh, North East India). A small hilly town along the Indo-Myanmar border and Namchik basin, it is covered with evergreen tropical rain forest and is designated as a global village as it conjoins the diverse tribes of the North East region and of Myanmar to display their customs and cultures in the broader perspective. The cultural carnival has cut across social barriers, inspiring the secluded regions to celebrate the ethnic existences that strongly bond all the distinct tribes with diverse cultures and different religious backgrounds. 
Besides illustrating cultures and traditions, this mega event also offers photo opportunity for the awestruck visitors. Located in one of the most peaceful and eco-friendly territories, Pangsau Pass is a nature’s storehouse. As the odyssey of discovery penetrates the heart of the ethnic extravaganza, events spontaneously begin to weave unforgettable memories. The rustic lanes, the endless greenery, the dense foliage obscuring the motor tracks, the plummeting rivulets near the historic Stillwell Road, the birds diving through the tree canopies, the insects in the forest floor, and the other flora and fauna make a sojourn here worthwhile.  
The surprise does not end on the festive ground, though; there is more in the package. As the journey moves into tribal territory, the fragrance of wild orchids enthralls the weary mind, the ballet of colorful butterflies gladdens the heart, the throng of lively birds hypnotizes - and those startling experiences encourage asking for more. The excursion from the mainland of Nampong to the No Man’s Land on the international border is remarkable. 
During the three-day extravaganza, survive the heady thrill of the folk songs and dances, the ethnic food fiesta, traditional sports, the Pangsau Pass expedition, sightseeing, Burmese culture, as well as visits to the World War-II cemetery, the border bazaar, The Lake of No Return, The Hell Gate, WW-II medical ruins at Wintong, the ethnic museum...the list of pleasures is long. 
Everything freezes in the memories, the incredible memories of that freezing January. Time halts, memories tumble on to the albums and life smiles. Relive eternally those nostalgic moments created by the ethnic fiesta called Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2017.

Join the fun and frolic between 20th January 2017 to 22th January 2017 for an enchanting cultural extravaganza of the region
Escrita el 17 de enero de 2017
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Bathinda, India96 aportes
Historical Road leading to a Beautiful Place..
feb. de 2015 • Familia
If one has travelled the historical Ledo Road or the Stilwell Road one would not like to miss this pass on the Indo-Myanmar border.....The drive is beautiful with excellent road and the view ther itself is feels like being part of history of World war-II when this road and the pass was used....Do not miss to see the Lake of No Return inside the Myanmar boundary.....There is a market coming up on the Border wher trade takes place between the two countries by locals on 10, 20 and 30 date of each month....Happy Riding
Escrita el 20 de febrero de 2015
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Dibrugarh, Assam, India3 aportes
Amazing ride to psangsu pass
oct. de 2014 • Amigos
amazing...... when u riding a bike... its to more fun. its very interesting when u enter in international boundary by bike.. and when your phone is going to international roaming... riding between clouds... touch the sky...
Escrita el 24 de octubre de 2014
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Joji Joshua P
Thiruvalla, India171 aportes
To Myanmar
mar. de 2014 • Familia
Quite exciting to enter another country through the historic Pangsau pass. Make sure to get all the permits for entry. The border is a small Village in Myanmar called Pangsau which has school, monastry, Lake, mountains and good famous market.
Escrita el 16 de agosto de 2014
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