Kavaratti Island Lagoon

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Kavaratti Island Lagoon
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California16 aportes
Must visit. Bluest crystal clear waters and very good for scuba diving and water sports
dic. de 2019
I had been there with friends. We had a great time. this island is very clean, safe and beautiful. It has crystal clear water. The scuba diving over here was very nice. Amazing staff, so many different corals and fishes. The locals are very welcoming. There are water activities like speed boats, scooters which were fun too. Not very expensive.
Escrita el 25 de abril de 2020
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Arup C
Kolkata (Calcuta), India9.789 aportes
A dream Island with serene beach and lots of watersports...
feb. de 2020
On our Samudram package of lakshadweep tour, Kavaratti was the final n 3rd island we visited..

Early morning we start with boat from our ship..MV kavaratti anchored comperatively close to island if one compare with kalpeni n Minicoy..it took merely 10 minutes to reach Kavaratti beach..the main spot is just beside the jetty..

Welcomed with coconut..we rush for early registeration for SCUBA..very well introductory class..and very well executaed SCUBA diving we have here..after returning..we proceed for a kayaking on calm crystal cleal transperant blue waves..then having a wondeful Buffet lunch..
After some walk down the beach..we were taken to Aquamarine museum..with live aquarium..Marine science museum and Shark pool..a good to have some lessons over marine life..
After we return..and with some beach walk..it started with evening programme..with Musical chair..and followed by Cultural programme..we really enjoyed a lot the programme..
The sundown time is nere..as we need to go back to ship again..
With golden sun on Arabian sea..we said goodbye to Kavaratti..with a lifetime memory...

Really..Kavaratti..a gem of Islands..here one need to come..the rest of the world can wait..
Escrita el 20 de abril de 2020
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India77 aportes
Must visit place in Lakshwadeep and best for water sports
feb. de 2020 • Familia
Kavaratti Island is the capital of the UT of Lakshwadeep and if you’r taking a flight to Agatti then to go to Kavaratti u have to take a chopper ride @ Rs 11000/ pers or Vessel by sea@Rs 500/pers. The sea route by vessel is better option and we took the MS Parali which is a 150 seater AC vessel. They have a small cafeteria inside which serves tea, chips, sandwiches etc. It takes 2 hrs to Kavaratti. The SPORTS people have the Paradise Island Hut at Kavaratti which takes care of all the water sports activity too. Do the scuba at Kavaratti only as the water is crystal clear, better underwater view n very good instructors. Bangaram is overhyped . Here at Kavaratti they charge Rs 2100 for 15 mins scuba and if you wear specs they will provide you with power glasses too. Don’t wear contact lens underwater. Also if you are a swimmer u can swim in the crystal clear lagoon at the dive point too. Also ask your taxi to take you to the coral beach near the helipad ( must visit place). Amazing coral beach with exotic shells and a ghost ship in the background to add to the mystery and beauty of the place. Try eating at a small local restaurant called ‘Barraka Dweepshree’ ( near hospital) which is run by a self help group of local women. They serve excellent local cuisine at basic rates. U can also buy tinned tuna, tuna pickle and virgin coconut oil / powder from the local market. ATM’s of SBI, UCO & Syndicate bank are available so get your cash here only as u may not find one later. Also the lighthouse n view of coconut jungle is great. Entry to the lighthouse is till 6 pm only. The Marine Museum is a ok type. Nothing to miss even if u don’t go there. Go to the jetty where u get a great view of the sunset n the lighthouse n lovely sea breeze to njoy with the brilliant blue water.
Escrita el 1 de marzo de 2020
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Nueva Delhi, India403 aportes
Mind Blowing Natural Beauty
dic. de 2019
Visit to Lakshadweep Island 🏝The World can Wait 😍*
This tag line of Lakshadweep Tourism is absolutely true 😄. Once you reach this paradise, you will forget about the world. It is an out of the world experience 💞
Lakshadweep Islands consist of *32* Islands and only 10 are inhabitated with the population of 65000. The visitors can visit 6 to 7 Islands only and the stay facilities are available at Kavaratti, Bangaram, Kadmat, Thinakara, Minicoy etc.The
islands are absolutely safe and stunningly beautiful. There are no snakes or dangerous sea animals on land and sea.The
people of the island are very simple, helpful and friendly. There are no modern eating joints, restaurants etc in these islands. The tourists are provided all the facilities by the Resorts only, do not expect extravagant hospitality as the resources are limited and availability of supplies are restricted due to logistical issues. But it is convenient and comfortable.
There are two ways to reach the beautiful Lakshadweep Islands. Air India operates daily directly from Kochi and Calicut to Agatti Island which is 1.20 minutes flight. The flights are 72 seater aircraft as the Agatti Island has a small runway. The other option is to take the Cruise from Kochi. The visitors need to have a Permit from the Competent Authority for visiting the Laksdweep Islands. When the booking are made through SPORTS {Society for promotion of nature, tourism and Sports }which is the agency managing the tourism, the Permit comes with the accommodation confirmation. The Airlines will be checking the Permit at Kochi and Kozhikode {Calicut} Airport.
The accommodation facilities on the islands are limited therefore one needs to make bookings in much advance. The Accommodation Resorts are run by SPORTS which is an organization managed by Lakshadweep Administration. It provides the complete package of the accommodation, transportation and food. The costs include all the above facilities.

Agatti Island is the gateway to visit the other islands and this island does have some sea-facing resort facilities for tourists to stay. The Sea Shell Resort is considered to be the best. The ferry ⛴ service takes one to Kavaratti Island which is about 2.30 to 3 hours journey. The Chopper facility is also available from Agatti to Kavaratti and it is a 15 minutes flight. Bangaram Island is about 60 minutes Speed boat Ride from Agatti Island. Kadmat Island is about 4 hours from Agatti Island .
The beautiful beaches and pristine water steals the heart of every tourist. The untouched natural beauty is simply wonderful 😍 fabulous and very picturesque. The corals are mind blowing and the underwater world is fascinating.
Only BSNL and Airtel network is available. The internet connection is slow. But remember that when you are in Lakshadweep you will forget the world 🗺

*Kavaratti Island* is the capital of Lakshadweep Island having population of 18000. The total population of all the islands is 64000.
The Paradise Beach Huts is the only place to stay. It can accommodate about 28 to 30 persons. It is located on the beach and the sea is just walk in. The meals are served on the beach itself with candle light dinner being the icing on the cake. 💕The food served is decent and not lavish. The non veg includes chicken and fish delicacies. There are no other recommended options for eating. So it is advisable to have all the meals at the Resort only. The auto service is available at Kavaratti Island. The other places to visit are the Light House, Aquarium, Planetarium and the Museum. The light house has a majestic view of the island. The planetarium has excellent collection of short films. Bashir is the local craftsmen from whom one can purchase some mementos. The bicycle rides are also great and one can hire the bicycles.

All water sports are available on the islands which includes Kavaratti, Bangaram, Kadmat, etc. It snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, glass boat rides, night snorkeling, banana boat ride, deep sea diving, etc. The rates are fixed and are quite reasonable. Snorkeling starts from Rs 500, Diving starting from Rs. 2000, etc. All the activities are done through the Resort itself. The night snorkeling is unique at Kavaratti . The open sea snorkeling is highly recommended if you have done coral snorkeling. A very different experience. Scuba Diving is done by PADI certified trainers and is an excellent experience.
Once you have visited Lakshadweep you will forget Maldives, Mauritius. Must visit for nature lovers to feel the divine nature.
Escrita el 19 de diciembre de 2019
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Elsie Gabriel
Mumbai (Bombay), India58 aportes
Sandy Dive Resort in Kavaratti Islands
mar. de 2019 • Amigos
Sandy Dive Resort in the Kavaratti islands of Lakshadweep is a well equipped dive centre with highly qualified dive master's and instructors.

Very friendly staff. Very helpful.Good equipment.

I did a couple of dives with them and it was beautiful.

The visibility is fabulous almost 15 Meters with very clean waters.You need a permit to enter Lakshadweep islands. Once at the main Agatti airstrip, you can use the chopper or vessel to reach Kavaratti.
Escrita el 20 de agosto de 2019
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Jharkhand, India583 aportes
Wonderful natural beauty
may. de 2019 • Solitario
It was a great experience sailing on a personal hired-boat along the lagoon, watching the wild animals and forests on the islands with binoculars.
Escrita el 4 de junio de 2019
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33 aportes
Kavarathi the capital of lakshadweep
mar. de 2019 • Pareja
Kavarati island is the capital island of Lakshadweep. Population of this island is higher than other island of Lakshadweep. Nearest airport is In Agathi island. Ship is available from kochi to Kavarati. Travel time is around 20 hours.
Escrita el 8 de mayo de 2019
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Muzaffarnagar, India62 aportes
A memorable visit.
dic. de 2018 • Solitario
Visited this iseland, administrative capital of lakshadweep, in the month of December 18 from 7th to 10th. I availed Taratashi package of SPORTS. This package is offered to those tourist traveling by air up to Agatti iseland. At the airport SPORTS representative picked us nd transferred to jetty by a Maruti van. There we sailed in a smaller boat taken in to sea little further and again transfered in to a bigger vessel. It was air-conditioned with comfortable seats, having a cafeteria. Sports representative were very helpful in the entire process. It took 2hrs to reach Kavaratti.I was lodged in paradise hut, local govt. Owned. I explored the entire kavaratti on cycle.
Kavaratti is small iseland with the population of nearly 11000 people. Neat nd clean. Roads are narrow. Lot of movements of auto rickshaw, cycles, and
Bikes. There is a market also. I found number of Departmental Stores nd small eating joints all over kavaratti.People are very simple nd helpful.Nevy, cost guard has their base there.Light house, meusium, aquarium, planitorium, Eastern jetty are the some places, a tourist can visit.I had a beautiful view of kavaratti and sea from top of the light house after climbing nearly 150 step. Sun set view from helipad was amazing. A walk through the beach Rd. In the evening was refreshing.
About the resort, it is just on the beach. One can enjoy the crystal clear water of the lagoon nd white sand all the time of the stay. Lots of water sports like kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, knee surfing, pera sailing etc etc available here on payment. There are 6 ac suits for the tourist. With 2 beds in each room with Cable TV, fridge, tea maker with essentials. Bathroom is of good size but basic, attached with a dressing room dressing table.Towels nd soap provided (no toiletries) in the bathroom.food is OK. Don't expect anything lavish.
Special mentione here of their services.
Beyond expectations.
Escrita el 23 de diciembre de 2018
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Nueva Delhi, India769 aportes
Must Visit all Islands
mar. de 2018 • Amigos
if you are adventure and nature lover you must visit all Islands of lakshadweep. Inter boats are available for traveling. You need to obtain permit before landing either by Air or ship. I suggest you travell one way by ship to enjoy the nature. No alcohol in these islands, nature beauty and best lagoon in the world. One must visit.
Escrita el 7 de abril de 2018
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Ashesh Patel
Ahmedabad, India47 aportes
water sports and glass boat are good activity with leasure
nov. de 2017 • Familia
good clean place with various activity like glass water boat through which you can see coral and various varieties of aquatic species. Jet skiing is also worth enjoying. you an have dip in clean water and sit and have fun enjoying nature on relax chairs around. Nice place to visit a small aquarium inside city.
Escrita el 31 de marzo de 2018
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