Micheongol Valley

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Long and clean valley good for trekking
oct. de 2015 • Familia
Micheongol means rice-water valley in Korean. About one thousand years ago, there used to be a temple named Seonlimwon, which was such a big one with many monks that every morning the valley water became white from rice-washing for their meal. Recently, the oldest bronze buddha in Korea has been excavated from this site and proved the value of this temple.

Other than Seonlimwon ruin, the valley itself is worth visiting. It runs more than 10km up from the entrance, accompanied by mostly unpaved road along which I run for excercise every morning during my visit. Water is crystal clean but might be felt too cold for swimming even in summer.(I'll try) An ideal place for trekking along the valley and in the forest. One more thing. there is a mireral water spring named "Bulbaragi" near at the upper end of the valley, but it's a long long way to get there.

For boarding, you can use some inns including "Bulbaragi" and "Monvijou". If you have Korean friends, it might be good to ask them to book camp sites or lodges of Korean Forest Service but they are hard to book.
Escrita el 26 de octubre de 2015
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