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Cancún, México

Hello. What's the best season to watch the northern lights?

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Wolfsburg, Alemania
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Hello Ana Maria,

I'd say in winter season it might be the best. Don't forget about the sun constellation during northern summer. Therefore, I suggest end-autumn until early spring. Hope my answer is anyhow helpful. Faithfully yours, Jan

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Sydney, Australia
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The official season is stated to be November to April and you will have good viewing nights and bad viewing nights throughout this time. February and March seem to be particularly good months for viewing as they appear more frequently.

Best viewing is on a clear sky (it doesn't have to be entirely clear, light scattered cloud and you'll still see them) and of course further away from the city so that the city lights don't interfere with your viewing against the dark sky.

You could consult a website to help you chart good viewing, perhaps "northernlightsiceland" which also explains how to read the chart. If not this site, there are plenty others.

The northern lights start off looking like a smoke cloud in the sky and after a short time (up to 30 minutes) turn into the twinkling coloured lights they are known for. On a clear night these smoke clouds will look obvious.

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