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Mapas de Santiago e información para visitantes

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Enlaces oficiales
Enotour Chile
Av. Luis Tayer Ojeda 0130
Santiago 7510008
Tel.: +56 2 4814081
URL: http://www.enotourchile.com
Email: igallardo@enotourchile.com
Enotour® offers tourism programs that promote Chile’s rich diversity through its unique wines, its culinary virtues, and its majestic geography.We offer a high level luxury tourism characterized by exclusive and private services. Our excellence is backed by a team of sommeliers, tourism experts, and highly-trained guides (we covered until six languages) to ensure the best of journeys.Our company guaranteed to amaze and charm you during your stay in Chile.
Detour Wine Taste Chile
bellavista 0354
bellavista 0354
Santiago 7530218
Tel.: 56227350014
URL: http://www.detour.cl
Email: contacto@detour.cl
the best tours of chile we visit only the best wine valleys to show the best of our country in the chilean wayWe Work With Passion
fray camilo
henriquez 190
Santiago 006230000
Tel.: 5690222487564
URL: http://www.mestizzo.cl
Email: contacto@mestizzo.cl
Glove Travel Chile
Carmencita 261
Carmencita 261
Santiago 22334455
Tel.: (2) 232 8540
URL: http://www.glovetravel.com
Email: info@glovetravel.com
Glove Travel is travel designer created by passionate travellers that specialises in trips through Chile and South America. We believe that a trip is much more than visiting a new destination

Compañías turísticas
Santiago Adventures
Guardia Vieja 255
Of 406
Santiago na
Tel.: 562 244 2750
Fax: 562 244 2749
Email: info@santiagoadventures.com
Santiago Adventures is a full-service receptive tour operator founded in 2003 by US citizens living in Santiago, Chile. We offer custom private tours throughout Chile including the Santiago region, San Pedro de Atacama, Easter Island, and Patagonia. We also specialize in ski and wine tours in Chile. Our customers are mainly English-speaking travelers with a desire to explore the beauty of Chile while leaving the details to a reliable and discerning local operator.
Santiago Exchange Network
Hernando de Magallanes 1245
Hernando de Magallanes 1245
Santiago 7570781
Tel.: +56992774127
URL: http://www.santiagoexchange.cl
Email: info@santiagoexchange.cl
Santiago Exchange Network is an organization that offer excursions for foreign exchange students in Chile.The idea is to make your exchange experience easier and more exciting.
Santiago rent a bike
Condell 1065
Santiago 7501290
Tel.: 056-02-26359354
URL: http://www.santiagorentabike.com
Email: contacto@santiagorentabike.com
Santiago rent a bike its a bike tour and Bike rental in Santigo Chile, we have mountain tours and urban tours, working with Kona bicycles as sponsor.
Turismo Flecha Extrema
Av. Suecia 84, Oficina 93
Santiago 750000
Tel.: +56-9-72145122
URL: http://www.flechaextrema.cl
Email: contacto@flechaextrema.cl
Taylor-Made Tourism in Chile Create that perfect holiday! Whatever your individual requirements may be you can be assured that we are expert at designing a personal itinerary, tailor-made specifically to your needs.Your itinerary will be tailored around the time you have available to travel, your sightseeing preferences, the level of accommodation you require, your transport preference, how many meals you would like included and most importantly your budget.Our services:- Trekking- City-Tours- Expeditions- Rural Tourism- Cultural Tourism- Kayak- Horseback-Riding Tours¡Descubre Chile con Flecha Extrema!Trabajamos para vivir y vivimos para trabajar y si viajamos existimos. Que mejor manera de existir y viajar que compartiendo experiencias!Visita con Flecha Extrema los sitios turísticos mas importantes de Chile, y también los que pasan inadvertidos, los que están llenos de cotidianidad, de gente del lugar, donde los turistas casi no llegan.Esos son los sitios que más te impregnan, que más información te dan sobre la cultura y unicidad de nuestro gran país.Te ofrecemos un servicio profesional, elaborado por guías y ejecutivos experimentados:- Trekking- Excursiones- Tours- Kayak- Cabalgata- Turismo Étnico- Turismo Rural- Paquetes de viajes hecho a medida
Cultural Tour
Santiago 8320133
Tel.: 87332607 / 9 790 9129
URL: http://www.culturaltour.cl
Email: contacto@culturaltour.cl
Beautiful tours and excursions in Chile, Santiago knows through a city tour, the home of Pablo Neruda, Wineries on the Wine Route, Valparaíso-Viña and many more destinations. Culturaltour much more than a tour.
Origen Turismo
Huérfanos 1160 of. 1004
Santiago 8340420
Tel.: 569 82309484
URL: http://www.origenturismo.cl
Email: contacto@origenturismo.cl
Origin tourism operates in Chile, crossing the city of Santiago, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso (World Heritage Site), ski resorts in the Andes, the prestigious wine valleys of the area, the famous museum houses Nobel Prize Pablo Neruda, among many attractions present in this area. Our company provides services focused on the quality and sustainability of resources, we care about preserving our environment.
Pionero Travel Chile
Presidente Riesco 6445 of. 504
Santiago 7561054
Tel.: 56 2 2208075
URL: http://www.pionerotravel.com
Email: angela@pionerotravel.com
Pionero offers free advice and recommendations to Trip Advisor Community, tours, car rental, domestic flights, hotel reservations. We’ll assist you with directions to top Chilean restaurants or shops. We provide knowledgeable and friendly guide services, delicious food, unique visits and an overall personal touch that is hard to find. We have personally selected every route, pathway, restaurant and hotel. We deliver a high standard of quality, value and service making your trip and unforgettable experience.
Deep Connection Adventures Chile
Moneda 2350
Brazil Neighbourhood. Santiago - Chile
Santiago 8350576
Tel.: 56-9-3263527
Email: juane@deepconnection.cl
Approach to Deep Connection adventures aims to deliver a high quality experience for those who love the sea and its waves, who wants a unique experience, from the last corner of the world. Our intention and hope is to show the magic of Chile and help surfers to receive the gifts of nature in conscious, health, in Deep Connection with life.Thereby promoting awareness of sport and life.All of the surf trips programs are privte. It doesn't matter if you are a experienced, professional, amateur or beginner surfer.
Portugues City Tour Gratis
Miguel Claro
Santiago 7500723
Tel.: 56 2 3267552
URL: http://www.penguinstourschile.com
Email: penguins@penguinstourschile.com
Penguins Tours Chile Offers the first Walking City Tour in Portuguese of Santiago de Chile. Local guides will show you this great and organize city, walking by the most historical and impressive buildings, the many squares, the green hills, the people around, the typical places, the shops, the food and wine will be an amazing experience in you walk throw them. And It´s for FREE! Every day from the Palacio de la Moneda at 9:30 in the morning just look out for our guide or a "penguin" around. Come and join us!
Discovery and Adventures
El Vergel 2353
Ch. de la Radio 5, 1293 Bellevue, Geneva, Switzerland
Santiago 7510578
Tel.: 41787561188; +41 76 397 21 23
URL: http://discoveryandadventures.com
Email: ximena@discoveryandadventures.com; philippe@discoveryandadventures.com
Come to enjoy the discovery and adventure the nature, people, custom, and the magic spirit of the lands, volcano, lakes and sea of the South of Chile!
Private Tours Chile
Talavera de la Reina 963
Tel.: 0056-9-75598270
URL: http://www.chile-private-tours.com
Email: info@chile-private-tours.com
Individual tailor-made tours in the regions of Santiago and Vallaraiso for all budgets.Hiking in the Andes, City-Tours Santiago and Valparaiso, Wine, Hot Springs, upon request Mountain-Biking, Horseback-Riding etc.Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.Swiss-German-Chilean organized
Exploring Chile
Enrique Foster 76A
Enrique Foster 76A
Santiago 13
Tel.: +562 9811209
URL: http://www.exploringchile.cl
Email: yuri.travel@gmail.com
EXPLORING CHILE WINE AND GASTRONOMIC TOURS IN SANTIAGOSeven years ago, we established for the first time the concept of a boutique travel agency in Chile.Specialized on tailor made trips to South America and the French Polinesia. Offering tours to themost prestigious vineyards in Chile, helicopter trips over the city, gourmet circuits to the bestrestaurants in Santiago, and escapades to Valparaiso and Viña del mar. We create trips for themost demanding travelers in the world.
Slow Travel
El Coihue
Santiago 2
Tel.: 0056 24177039
Email: alandeta@slowtravel.cl
Slow Travel is a touroperator which offers you indivdual tours in the metropolian region and all over chile, related to wine, the chilean gastronomy, culture and nature. We try to show you the real identity of chile far away from the maintourism and always with calm. We offer authentic experiences with local people, nature and typical products of chile.
Wine Route Transfer Service
Santiago 8340422
Tel.: 54-2-8558489; (56) (9) 87221515
URL: http://www.wineroute.cl
Email: info@wineroute.cl
Wine Route besides its tour service, provides a transfer sevice thinking on those who need to move in a safety and comfortably way to and from the airport and the hotel or through the main touristic and cultural places of the capital city of Santiago or the Central Zone of Chile.
Private Guides Chile
Mar del Sur 7876
Mar del Sur 7876
Santiago 9071951
Tel.: 56-9-91390672
URL: https://sites.google.com/site/privatetoursguidesc...
Email: guideschile@gmail.com
We are a selected group of Bilingual Private Tour Guides. We offer private tours in Santiago, Valparaiso and the Andes Mountain; we do historical, cultural, Markets tours and wineries visits, horseback rides, hiking in the Andes Mountain and more. We have many years of experience working in this business, we are 100% Chileans we know very well our Culture and Country we use a comfortable, clean vehicles with all the insurance required by the Government.
Turismo Zenitram
Salmeron 1083
Santiago 8320000
Tel.: 56 9 9 5630302; 02 843 9239
URL: http://www.turismozenitram.cl
Email: turismozenitram@hotmail.com
With over 10 years of experience, "Turismo Zenitram" has become one large company, for the transport of passengers, who want to know, typical places of Chilean culture, such as vineyards, beaches, ski resorts, etc.Excellent prices and quality service, ensure a completely safe and pleasant trip for tourists.The company picks up the passenger at the airport, hotel or somewhere where the tourists want.
Santiago tours
Alameda 834
Alameda 834
Santiago 8320000
Tel.: 056-50174143
URL: http://www.santiagotours.cl
Email: info@santiagotours.cl
el dante 4200 depto 311
Santiago 7550009
Tel.: 88546185
URL: http://www.fiofiotour.com
Email: ignacio@fiofiotour.com
Food and beverages tours in southern Chile, oyster farm, breweries and cuisine among others.
Huerfanos #757, Oficina 406
Tel.: 56-2-6339492
Fax: 56-2-6339492
Email: consultas@espirituandino.cl
Feel the magic of the Andes Mountains with us.- El Morado National Park Trekking- Juncal Glacier Valley Trekking- La Campana National Park Trekking- Valparaiso and Vina del Mar Tour- Santiago City Tour- Vineyard Tour- Valle Nevado Tour- Portillo Tour... and more.
Exploring Chile Travel
Nueva Providencia 0135, Of B, Providencia
Nueva Providencia 0135, Of B, Providencia
Santiago 7510691
Tel.: 56 2 981 1209
URL: http://www.exploringchile.cl
Email: sales@exploringchile.cl
Exploring Chile Travel and Dreams is the only travel boutique in Chile. We love our country and the region and are also passionate travelers – so we want everyone who visits this fantastic part of the world to get the most out of their trip here.
Santiago Exchange
Hernando de Magallanes 1245
Santiago 7570781
Tel.: 56992774127
URL: http://www.santiagoexchange.cl
Email: sebastian@santiagoexchange.cl
Santiago Exchange is an organization that provide services (accommodation) and offer activities (Day Trips around Santiago, Travels for Chile and parties) for exchange students.Our misión is to make the exchange program experience easier and more exciting.We work with the international department of more than ten universities and we are supported by Pro Chile, Sernatur and ESN (the largest exchange student network in the world)
Patagonia Riders
Napoleon 3565
Santiago Chile
Tel.: +5622313123
URL: http://www.patagoniariders.cl
Email: andrewryanparker@gmail.com
A 7-day horseback excursion through the Andes Mountains of Patagonia, Chile. On excursion you will experience the lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, valleys & glaciers that the Chilean Patagonia has to offer. Each day will be a different riding environment and each night will be camping at different locations with a hearty chilean BBQ, real patagonia cowboys, wine & an open sky of stars. While on excursion you'll learn the history, cuisine, lifestyle & culture of the chilean cowboys and just what their life is like
1221 Emilio Delporte
78746 Santiago Chile
Tel.: 056 990183454; 0569 91503464
URL: http://www.pathwaychile.com
Email: andrew@pathwaychile.com; info@pathwaychile.com
Pathway*Chile is a travel company that was built to provide reliable and affordable excursions, trips & vacations to foreigners traveling through Chile. The owner and operators are all foreigners and season travelers and know the best locations in Chile for your next adventure. We work very hard to make sure you receive exactly what you want without the hassle of worrying or doubting your trip. We provide unique adventures for real travelers
Chile Hike Tour Operator
Av. suecia 84 of 93
Santiago 7510099
Tel.: 562-26314118
URL: http://www.chilehike.com
Email: info@chilehike.com
Chile Hike has been created as a tour operator with the commitment of offering to our clients, tourists, enterprises and institutions an integral and living experience inside and out of our country, giving a service of quality and ecological tourism in wich they can have an exelent confort in all our excursions in our different tours.
Chile Hike Tour Operator
Av. suecia 84 of 93
Santiago 7510099
Tel.: 562-26314118
URL: http://www.chilehike.com
Email: info@chilehike.com
Santiago - Valparaíso - Viña del Mar - 5 Days / 4 NightsProgram where you will meet the main tourist attractions of Santiago´s capital of Chile and surroundings. You can enjoy a city that loves its antiquity and modernity as well as the stunning Andes Mountains with its beautiful scenery. You will visit the central coast where the cities of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar (Chile´s main tourist resort). You´ll Have the opportunity to enjoy the quality of Chilean wines and visiting vineyards process to end with a tasting.
Chile Hike Tour Operator
Av. suecia 84 of 93
Santiago 7510099
Tel.: 562-26314118
URL: http://www.chilehike.com
Email: info@chilehike.com
Torres del Paine is one of the largest national parks and important of Chile, one of the best places in the world for trekking because of its scenic beauty recognized by the good infrastructure of trails, campsites, shelters and hotels. It is located 112 km north of Puerto Natales and 312 km from the city of Punta Arenas.
Chile Touring
Rafael Canas 246
Tel.: 56-2-2355302
Fax: 56-2-2643318
Email: johngottlieb@gmail.com
My name is John and I would be delighted to attend your needs providing you my private tours traveling in an air conditioning 4 FWD SUV that sits up to 3 passengers. There’s also availability for larger private groups. You will be the only passengers on your tailor-made tour, which affords you comfort, flexibility, privacy, and convenience. I was born in Santiago, lived a couple of years in the USA and 5 years in England. I have traveled widely but I am an enthusiast for my country, its nature and I want visitors to see the best of it.
Personal tours in Chile
Mujica 0295
Santiago 7770343
Tel.: 5697566742
Fax: 7770343
Email: info@planetachile.com
To travel tailored-wise is an uncommon privilege, with Planeta Chile, you can travel alone or choose your company, you can choose your road map, your dates and schedules according to your own priorities, tastes and rhythm. You will have the exclusive service of a bilingual guide and a driver. You may find inspiration watching some travel ideas on our web site, which you may modify adding, discarding or combining with other alternatives at your free choice.
Luis Thayer Ojeda 0130, of 1204
Santiago 7500000
Tel.: 56024814080; (56 2) 2481 4081
Fax: (56 2) 24814080
URL: http://www.enotourchile.com
Email: info@enotourchile.com
Enotour® Travel offers tourism programs that promote Chile’s rich diversity through its unique wines, its culinary virtues, and its majestic geography. Our inspiration is to replicate the magic of wine in its origin and in the generous landscapes of this long and narrow land. Our vocation is to offer you the charm of our country’s culinary traditions. Enotour® es una empresa de turismo orientada a operar programas turísticos que promueven la diversidad y riqueza de Chile a través de sus singulares vinos, sus virtudes culinarias y su imponente geografía.Nuestra inspiración es replicar la magia del vino en su origen y fundirlo en los generosos parajes de este largo y angosto territorio; nuestra vocación, brindarle el encanto de las costumbres culinarias de nuestro país.
Montaña Nativa
Marchant Pereira 201 Of. 701
Tel.: (56-9) 6477 84 61
URL: http://www.montananativa.com
Email: guia@montananativa.com
Ameristar Chile
11 de Septiembre 1363
Oficina 1403
Santiago 50001
Tel.: 56 02 346 8629
URL: http://www.ameristar.cl
Email: info@amersitar.cl
Ameristar provides customized and personalized day tours in Santiago and surrounding cities. We pride ourselves on giving our clients a truely unique experience at affordable prices. All tours can be reserved with as few as one person.
The Santiago Pub Crawl
Santiago 185
Santiago Nunoa
Tel.: 8- 2994086
Email: info@santiagopubcrawl.com
The Santiago Pub Crawl is the best way to experience the nightlife in Santiago all while being accompanied by a massive international crowd. They take you bar hopping all across the city weekly. The night includes all you can drink beer, wine the first hour along with pizza. You visit 3 bars with free shots and discounts in each bar. Finally, end the night jumping the line into one of the biggest clubs in the city. See the website for more details.
Camino del Minero 6586,
Santiago 7660031
Tel.: 56998725248
URL: http://www.andesterrae.com
Email: jportega@andesterrae.com ; contacto@andesterrae.com
Eternals snows, colorful mountains and rocks, valleys and glaciers, condors, fossils, pure skies and the most intimate contact with Andean nature, all can found in the proximity of Santiago. AndesTerrae is an agency specialized in trekking. We offer 14 treks and ascents in the Andes and Coastal Mountain Range near Chile's capital with our experienced and bilingual guides.
Jorge Excursiones
Los Vertientes 9765
Comuna de Penalolen
Tel.: 056-09-87 43 79 44
URL: http://www.jorgeexcursiones.cl/
Chile is a country of secrets and adventures, with deserts in the north, mile-long beaches, rugged peaks in the Andes, turquoise lakes and perpetual ice in the south. In Chile you find amazing scenery, historic cities, and fascinating cultural centres. We specialize in the Santiago area, but also arrange tours to the coast, the IV Region of La Serena, and the glaciars of the Andes. 056-09-87 43 79 44 (Spanish). 056-09-84 27 88 53 (English and French).
Itours, Santiago Wine Tour, Vina del Mar & Valparaiso
La Paloma 145 local
Santiago 7690000
Tel.: +562 321 1696
Fax: +562 321 1696
URL: http://www.itours.cl
Email: info@itours.cl
Personalized tours in Santiago, Valparaíso, Viña del Mar and the Andes Mountains.Wine tours with tasting in Maipo Valley, Colchagua Valley, Casablanca Valley and Aconcagua Valley.
Free Tour Valparaiso
Plaza de Armas
Santiago 8320000
Tel.: 56992368789
URL: http://www.freetourvalparaiso.cl
Email: freetoursantiago@hotmail.com
moneda 772
Santiago 8320328
Tel.: 56 9 6 9195247; 56(2)9479255
URL: http://www.transferchilean.cl
Email: contacto@transferchilean.cl
Santiago, Chile tourvineyard tour and valparaiso seaConcha y Toro winery tourwine route tourPomaire tourtour santiago de chiletour viña del mar y valparaisotour viña concha y torotour ruta del vinotour pomaire
San Jose de Maipo Casilla 27
Santiago 4960000
Tel.: 56990333803
URL: http://www.chiledtour.cl
Email: info@chiledtour.cl
We are family own Tour Operator that dedicate our time to give a personalized service to our clientes. Everything we do is Taylor Made, but we specialized in wine tours, outdoor activities in Maipo, Art Tours, Stargazing, Birdwatching and City Tours. We also do real state and shopping tours.
Simon Bolivar 3877
Santiago 9291704
Tel.: 569-9224457
URL: http://www.viajestours.cl
Email: info@viajestours.cl
Inglés:We operate private tours and excursions in Santiago de Chile and its surroundings, like Viña del Mar, Valparaiso, Isla Negra, wineries tours, and others. Our values are secureness, experience and to provide a great service. ------Español:Somos una empresa que realiza tours privados y excursiones en Santiago de Chile y sus alrededores, tales como: Viña del Mar, Valparaiso, Isla Negra y visita a los viñedos. Nuestros valores se centran en la seguridad, experiencia y en proveer una buena atención a nuestros pasajeros.
igv tures
El Parque 1355
Santiago 7820863
Tel.: (56 9) 8536 7869 / (56 9) 5679 9874
URL: http://www.igvtures.cl
Email: info@igvtures.cl / igvtures@hotmail.com
Igv Tures, the other wayA diferent choise travelling by the unsuspected places in Santiago de Chile, North and centter South of the country. Como to take the other way!IGV TURESLA OTRA HUELLAUna alternativa diferente, recorriendo insospechados rincones de Santiago de Chile, Norte, Centro y Sur del país.¡Ven a Recorrer La Otra Huella!Una alternativa diferente en recorridos por Santiago de Chile, te llevamos a lugares escondidos de la ciudad y a recorrer insospechados rincones del Norte, centro y sur del país.
Andes Terrae Treks
Camino del minero 6586
Santiago 7660031
Tel.: 569-9872-5248
URL: http://www.andesterrae.com
Email: contact@andesterrae.com
Guided Treks in the mountains surrounding Santiago
Av Apoquindo 6275
Santiago 7550000
Tel.: 56922123021
URL: http://www.itravelchile.com
Email: enrique@itravelchile.com
We are experts in the world of adventure & specially designed travel packages in Chile. We Travel through Chile to uncover the very best hotels, destinations and off-the-beaten path sites to ensure that your trip is unique and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. iTravelChile offers both privately guided and group trips, so if you are thinking about going to chile we are the best choice for your travel experience.
Chile Round Tours
Holanda 3075 of. 27 Nunoa
Santiago 7770057
Tel.: 562 343 4542
URL: http://www.chileroundtours.cl/
Private ToursWelcome, I ´m Juan Francisco, a native Chilean who studied in a British School and located in Santiago, Chile´s capital.I can provide private and personal tours in this amazing country, specially around Santiago area; exclusive wineries, relaxing coastal tours, Valparaiso´s world heritage, the spectacular Maipo Canyon, hot springs, historical city tours and much moreTell me what your dream tours are about, and I´ll revert with your best options!!Chile Round Tours
Genial Chile Tours
Antonia López de Bello 073
Santiago 7520366
Tel.: (56+2) 2 737 55 86
URL: http://www.genialchiletours.cl
Email: info@genialchiletours.cl
We are a company specialized in receptive tourism. We do activities in Santiago and surroundings, specially related to the mountain, ski and bicycle. During winter, we mostly do activities in the mountains, enjoying the snow (ski day, ski lessons, panoramic tour and non ski activities), and in Santiago, bike activities (rental, bike tour), shopping tour and tasting services in vineyards. Also, we do trips to Viña del Mar and special services.Our tours are guided, in English and Portuguese, we are a young team that loves tourism and we think that the great experiences must be shared, and that’s why we want to share them with you.
Last Frontier Expediciones
Las Condes
Santiago 8564735
Tel.: 08-7498520
URL: http://www.lastfrontierexpediciones.com/santiagot...
Email: last-frontier@live.cl
We are a Tour Operator located in Santiago of Chile and we make tours around the city, include, City tours, Transfer service, Winnery tours, Skiing, Farelones, Valle Nevado,etc.We have very good vehicles to make services as Van & jeep for landscapes
Chile Off Track - Tours around Santiago
La Moneda 1829
Santiago 1005760
Tel.: +56 9 9133 4083
URL: http://www.chileofftrack.com
Email: info@chileofftrack.com
You may like to join them on thrilling adventures such as horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding and rafting. Or they can help you to relax with a visit to tranquil hot springs or superb local wineries. Perhaps you’d prefer to and bask in Chile’s rich culture with a tour of Pablo Neruda’s home in Isla Negra or a visit to a picturesque ceramic-producing village named Pomaire. Whatever your preferred pace, they are happy to oblige.
independent tour guide chile
alonso ovalle
alonso ovalle 868
Santiago 8330182
Tel.: +56981340509
URL: http://www.letstastechile.cl
Email: manuelquiroz@live.cl
My name is Manuel Quiroz, local tour guide of Santiago de ChileAfter many years working as a tour guide for big companys, i saw the need of a different serviceI offer a personalized alternative to make sure that my clients receive a high quality service, a proper guidance and make your holidays unforgettable.My specialty is wine, more than a hobby, a true passion, work the last two years in Lapostolle winery on colchagua valley, learning as much as posible of this artI organize tours for small groups, a bespoke solution for demanding clients, reasonable prices and the best disposition to have fun.My services are transfer from airport to hotel, city tours, tour to Valparaiso (heritage of mankind) and wine tours to the different valleys of Chile (maipo, casablanca, colchagua, cachapoal etc)Ask about our special prices for groups of wine enthusiasts, wine clubs etcemail: manuelquiroz@live.clwhatsapp: +56981340509 (let´s chat)
Jose Manuel Infante 100, Of 204
Santiago 000
Tel.: +56 9 9 5384342
URL: http://www.foodychile.com
Email: contact@foodychile.com
What better way to experience a new country than through the dishes, ingredients, markets and culinary culture at the center of the culture? At foodyChile we want you to get a better taste of Chile. We do this through walking tours of Santiago’s market district and day trips to food destinations in and around the capital. Food and travel have never been better together.
Ticket Tour Chile
San Pablo
San Pablo 943 Local 84
Santiago 8320009
Tel.: 562 24928289
URL: http://www.tickettour.cl
Email: reservas@tickettour.cl
We provide tours to the most beautiful places in the surroundings of Santiago -Chile, including the famous wineries Concha y Toro, Santa Rita and Colchagua Valley. Also city tours within Santiago, Viña del Mar and Valparaiso, and tours into the Andes Mountains where you will be surrounded by nature and including the most famous Sky Resort in Chile, Nevado Valley. We pick you up in your hotel and we leave you there afterwards.
Unique Travel Boutique
Dante 4200, Suite 1006
Las Condes
Santiago 8320126
Tel.: 1-800-8103294
URL: http://www.uniquetravelboutique.com
Email: contact@uniquetravelboutique.com
Tailor made luxury tours in Santiago de Chile. Food and Wine enthusiasts, spa and wellness, ski, trekking and many more.
Chile de Busão Turismo Ltda
Londres 56
Catedral 1009, oficina 805
Santiago 8330133
Tel.: 84352769
URL: http://www.chiledebusao.cl
Email: chiledebusao@hotmail.com
Chile de Busão, es una agencia de turismo dedicada a la difusión de una parte de los atractivos geográficos y culturales que componen la identidad de nuestro territorio, proponiéndonos como objetivo facilitar la interacción de quienes visitan nuestro país con la idiosincrasia del pueblo chileno, permitiendo de esta manera al mismo tiempo potenciar y reforzar la creciente necesidad de poder exhibir y exportar al mundo diversas formas de trabajo, las cuales tras generaciones han contribuido a formar la riqueza Multicultural de Chile y de nuestra gente.
Tour companies
Luis Carrera
Santiago 0000
Tel.: 56962112663
Email: condensemilked@gmail.com
Would like people to visit my web page so that they see the guided tours I offer:toursporchile.cl
Night Hiking
Camino del Misionero 9641
Santiago 7700910
Tel.: 56-9-67284439
URL: http://www.andesexplora.com
Email: contacto@andesexplora.com
Come to explore and live a real adventure in the middle of the week!Take a short night hike through native forest on our exclusive trail and witness spectacular views of Santiago and the Andes peaks.Ven a explorar y a vivir una real experiencia en medio de la semana!Toma un corto trekking nocturno a través de bosque nativo en nuestro exclusivo sendero y presencia espectaculares vistas de la ciudad de Santiago y cumbres andinas.
My Way Chile
Las malvas 461
Las Condes
Santiago 7580082
Tel.: +56 9 8761 5163
URL: http://www.mywaychile.cl
Email: info@mywaychile.cl
A company run by its owners, we offer a unique experience with the best quality of service. We offer transportation to and from the airport and your destination address. Together we’ll do unmissable tours and activities in Santiago, Valparaiso and the surrounding area. Tourism & Transport Services for central Chile with bilingual local drivers and guides.
Simon Bolivar 3877. Maipu
Santiago 9291704
Tel.: 56-2-7411252
URL: http://www.viajestours.cl
Email: info@viajestours.cl
Sightseeing tours in Santiago, Chile. Private tours to Viña del Mar and Valparaiso, Wineries, Isla Negra (Home of Pablo Neruda) and Pomaire, Ski Centers (like Valle Nevado), transfer to airport and others tours.
antonio bellet 77 of 1201 a
Santiago 7520160
Tel.: +56 9 6727 2799
URL: http://www.chilegetaway.cl/
Email: contact@chilegateway.cl
Tourism transportation and transfers in Santiago, Valparaiso, Vina del mar, and scl airport and ski resorts. Specialize in Wine region tour as well as historical tours to Valparaiso and Santiago, chile.
Deep Trip Chile
Avenida Nueva Providencia 1881, Oficina 1620
Santiago 7500520
Tel.: +56 9 6589 2099
URL: http://deeptripchile.cl
Email: contacto@deeptripchile.cl
Take a tour to the deepest of the Cordillera de Los Andes staying near from Santiago.Deep Trip Chile takes you to enjoy a wonderful day in Cajon del Maipo, with outstanding landscapes, trekking and a relaxing thermal bath.
Santiago OnBike
Catedral 227
Santiago 8320000
Tel.: 562 6734872
Email: franciscoubilla@yahoo.com
Experience the real face of the capital city to the end of the world, by bike. Guided tours and Rentals. Also tailor made excursions to wineyard and beaches. Pichilemu Star Trip Avalaible !
To Travel
Avenida Providencia 1465, of. 2B
Santiago Casilla 25-T S. Tajamar
Tel.: 562 2640879
URL: http://www.totravel.cl
Email: crodriguez@totravel.cl
We are a tour operator company dedicated to tailor-made holidays in Chile. We invite you to come and enjoy a unique cultural experience ranging from improving your Spanish to crossing the Atacama desert. Special interest tours include geology, archeology, astronomy, history (all these with professional guides), as well as wine and food tours, night life tours, sporting tours (inc. golf), etc. Tell us your interests/requirements/budget and we design your very own unforgettable holiday experience. Visit our website
Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures
Filipo lippi 7860
las condes
Tel.: +1-647-999-7955
Email: ride@sacredrides.com
Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures offers 9-day mountain bike adventures in and around Santiago, featuring incredible singletrack trails, spectacular scenery, and meaningful cultural interactions - all guided by locals. Rated "#1 Mountain Bike Tour Operator on Earth" by National Geographic Adventure magazine.
Central Valley Tours
mar del sur 1172 d.104
Santiago 7500000
Tel.: 56987303750
URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Central-Valley-Tou...
Email: mauricioestay@hotmail.com
We are a friendly and absolutely trustworthy company, which offer you any assistance you may need during your stay in Chile.We offer the best personalized tours in Santiago and surroundings. Don´t miss the opportunity to discover with us the beauties of our country.Tell us what are your expectations and we´ll take care of everything for you!
Private Tours
Av. Sucre 2680
Santiago 7770088
Tel.: 562-2228-684
URL: http://www.privatetours.cl
Email: info@privatetours.cl
We believe that Santiago is the starting point for any great Chilean vacations. We have designed our tours to maximize the generally short-term stay of the travelers in our city, which is a point of departure to the diverse ecosystems in Chile.We are an organization specialized on small, homogenous groups who are looking for exclusive, private, individualistic and flexible tourism services in Santiago and surrounding areas.
Enrique Foster Sur 76 A - Las Condes
Santiago 7510691
Tel.: 00 56 2 981 1209
Fax: 00 56 2 9819771
URL: http://www.exploringchile.cl
Email: sales@exploringchile.cl / operations@exploringchile.cl / info@exploringchile.com
Exploring Chile Travel and Dreams is the only travel boutique in Chile. We love our country and the region and are also passionate travelers – so we want everyone who visits this fantastic part of the world to get the most out of their trip here.
Leonardo Da Vinci 6928a
Santiago 7870462
Tel.: +56 2 3251288
URL: http://www.chilemontana.com
Email: info@chilemontana.com
ChileMontaña is an Adventure Travel Company based in Santiago de Chile, owned and operated by Vivianne Cuq and Francisco Medina. We offer a wide range of memorable outdoor experiences in and around the Andes: easy and medium trekking expeditions; demanding mountaineering programs.
Dr. Manuel Barros Borgono 384
Santiago 123456
Tel.: 562 4918224
URL: http://www.enaturchile.com
Email: info@enaturchile.com
We are a local company based in Santiago of Chile, specialists in shore excursion for cruise ship passengers.We’re specialized in VIP’s clients and personalized attention in Santiago, Valparaiso, Puerto Montt, Punta Arenas, with fair price.
Turichile - Turismo Chile
Mirasol 1491
Santiago 0
Tel.: 56987754191
URL: http://www.turichile.cl
Email: turichile@gmail.com
turichile is the most comprehensive portal to Chile travel information. Find maps, videos, photos, stories and experiences of all visitors to these locations. We have registered over 200 resorts divided into categories, include Cities and Towns, Ski Resorts, Islands, Hot springs and Lakes.
Ecotours Chile Tour Operator
Hernando de Aguirre 128 OF 904
Santiago 7500000
Tel.: 0056984590631
Email: ccosignani@ecotours.cl
Tour operator specialized on active tours in Chile, like Road Cycling in the Lake 6 Volcano district and Central Valley, Mountain Bike in Atacama, Altiplano and Lake District, Trekking & Hiking tours in Easter Island, Patagonia and Atacama, Skiing tours on active volcanoes of the south, Kayaking Whale watching. Accompanied by local guides, fully supported, great food & wines and happy to help you with any tailor made tour you have in mind.Best deals with boutique and all inclusive hotels.
Chile Hike - Direct Tour Operator
Pasaje Republica N°3 Oficina F
Santiago 7770433
Tel.: (+56 2)2979 1107
URL: http://www.chilehike.com
Email: info@chilehike.com
Chile Hike has been created as a tour operator with the commitment of offering to our clients, tourists, enterprises and institutions an integral and living experience inside and out of our country, giving a service of quality and ecological tourism in wich they can have an exelent confort in all our excursions in our different tours.
IGV Tures La Otra Huella
El Parque 1355
Santiago 7911286
Tel.: (56 9) 8536 7869 / (56 9) 5679 9874
URL: http://www.igvtures.cl
Email: info@igvtures.cl / igvtures@hotmail.com
Igv TuresThe other way A diferent choice in tours by Santiago de Chile, we will take you to ususpected places in the city and the secret side of the chilean north and south.¡Come to enjoi the other way!
turismo, ecoturismo, enoturismo, desarrollo medio ambiente
Av. Grecia 7385
Santiago 1240000
Tel.: +56999952779
URL: http://www.esferaaustral.com
Email: ventas@esferaaustral.com
SOUTHERN AREA, is a company that offers tourism services based onknowledge, providing unique experiences and new sensations. We seek the innovation in tourism services, creating different experiences to which the market currently offers.
Private Tour Guide - John Gottlieb Bracchi
Camino El Cajon 16.606
Santiago 7690000
Tel.: 56-2.3215213
URL: http://www.chiletouring.cl
Email: johngottlieb@gmail.com
My name is John Gottlieb and I would be delighted to attend your needs providing you my private tours travelling in an air conditioning vehicle of the year Station Wagon individual seats .You will be the only passengers on your tailor-made tour, which affords you comfort, flexibility, privacy, and convenience.I was born in Santiago.Lived a couple of years in the USA and 5 years in England I have travelled widely but I am an enthusiast for my country, its nature and I want visitors to see the best of it.All Tours are done by me and they are all private and exclusive and flexible to meet your needs and taste.. I will share my knowledge in a very personal way that represents the face of Chilean hospitality at its very best

Propiedades en alquiler / Multipropiedades / Propiedades en venta
Centro Apartments
Compania de Jesus 1429
Santiago 8340343
Tel.: 09 9287588
Email: contacto@centroapartments.cl
Comfortable and pleasant apartment in the Downtown of Santiago city, equipped with all necessary comfort for tourists, travelers and businesspeople who demand a first-level care.With all the quality and comfort of a new building with a privileged view of the Downtown and The Andes mountain chain.This apartment is located in a strategic sector of Santiago, because of its proximity to subway stations, supermarkets, restaurants, museums, churches, banks and all the cultural and financial activity in Santiago.
Santiago 710
Zenteno 138
Email: reservation@santiago-apartment.com
Santiago 710 is a fully furnished apartment located in the heart of Santiago, Chile. Our apartment is equipped with everything you need to fully enjoy your stay in this vibrant city. Perfect for your business trip or simply leisure, our apartment is your best choice for short to long-term rentals.
Nueva de Lyon, 170
Tel.: 56 2 5813733
ChileSelect offers luxury apartments from $49/day. Special rates for days/weeks/months. Wifi, gym, rooftop pool, cable and fully equipped apartments provide the amenities of a luxury hotel at a fraction of the cost. Book Now!
Santiago Apartments
Rosas 2223
Santiago 8340240
Tel.: 562 2329481
Fax: 56 2 3357929
Email: reservas@santiagoapartments.cl

Chilean Rent A Car
Bellavista 0183
Santiago 7530259
Tel.: 562-737-9650
URL: http://www.chileanrentacar.cl
Email: info@chileanrentacar.cl
Chilean Rent a Car offers 25 years of experience serving tourists travelling to Chile. Our modern fleet of rental cars, SUVs, minibuses, vans, 4x4 vehicles and trucks is available to suit every need and budget. We can deliver your car to the Santiago Airport (SCL) or to your hotel. Book ahead on our online reservation system to find the best deals. Our promise is: the best rates and no hidden costs.
Piñon Verde Bike Rental&Tours
Girardi 1349
Santiago 7500000
Tel.: +56 9 7 399 15 64
URL: http://www.pinonverde.tk
Email: pinonverde.bikerent@gmail.com
We are a company dedicated to rent bicycles and tour in Santiago and surroundings. We have many exciting destinations to travel both within the city as well as by hills. Come and enjoy a good ride with us.
Miercoles Po
Santiago 7500617
Tel.: +56997367301
URL: http://www.miercolespo.cl
Email: info@chilepo.cl
****EnglishWe are the biggest party for exchange students as well in Santiago as in Chile. Every year we convoke more than 50.000 people, being known around the whole world thanks to thousands of people talking about our parties. Miércoles Po' is an itinerant party with weekly changing topics for exchange students. It maintains a constant vanguard from semester to semester generating constant synergies between the party and the AMIGOS PO'.****EspañolSomos la fiesta mas grande de Santiago y Chile para estudiantes de intercambio, año tras año convocamos a mas de 50.000 personas, siendo conocidos en todo el mundo gracias a estas miles de personas que hablan de nuestra fiesta. Miércoles Po’, es la fiesta itinerante con temáticas semanales para estudiantes extranjeros, se mantiene a la constante vanguardia semestre a semestre, generando una constante sinergía entre la fiesta y los AMIGOS PO’
Sr. Miyagi Delivery / Peruvian and Japanese Food
Cerro el Plomo 5680 Boulevard Nueva Las Condes
Santiago 7560291
Tel.: 56228643000
URL: http://www.miyagi.cl
Email: sergiohbv@gmail.com
The best Peruvian and Japanese Food.. do you want a romantic dinner?.. or friends..We send all in the beautiful miyagi BOX.fast Delivery in Las Condes, Vitacura, Providencia, Lo barnecha 1/2
Best Tour Guide in Chile
Casilla 27 San Jose de Maipo
Santiago 9460000
Tel.: 56990333803
URL: http://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/worlds-g...
Email: mignacioaguirre@gmail.com
Im a guide that like nature, I can offer birdwatching tours, stargazing, amazing trekkings in Central Andes, wellness therapies, horseback riding, rafting and many other outdoor activities. As well city tours, art tours, political tours, wine tours and the one that I enjoy the most, culinary tours with my favorite: Chilean Tasting Menu...I will make your trip through South America unforgettable.
Son de Cuba Escuela de Musica
Av. Pedro de Valdivia 3191 (2° Piso)
Santiago 7750000
Tel.: (+ 56 2) 29668643 / (+ 56 9) 76268803
URL: http://www.escuelasondecuba.cl
Email: info@escuelasondecuba.cl
We are a Music school center, we will teach you all kind of instruments and musical genre, learn and enjoy with the best cuban musicians in Santiago de ChileUNA ESCUELA DE MÚSICA DONDE ENSEÑAMOS TODOS LOS INSTRUMENTOS Y GENERO MUSICAL QUE DESEES CON TODO EL RIGOR Y LA TRADICIÓN MUSICAL CUBANa EN SANTIAGO DE CHILE
Difusión turismo termas
I. Echeverría 8287
I. Echeverria 8283 La Cisterna
Santiago 7980525
Tel.: 562 27899467
URL: http://www.termas.cl
Email: termas@termas.cl
This is a website that disseminates knowledge about water and thermal centers throughout Chile. Constantly updating and development aims to serve people.
Free Tour Chile
Santiago 8320000
Tel.:  (+56) 982332087
URL: http://freetourchile.cl
Email: freetourchile@gmail.com
A support to the culture, to the diffusion of patrimony and to the observation of the place that ours tourists want to know and remenber. FREE TOUR CHILE LTDA strives every day to grant a innovative, vanguard and simple tourist solution in the main sites of South America. Ours own tourists are who back us by the quality of the services given in each of ours activities.
Avenida las Condes 14.191
Comuna las Condes
Santiago Las Condes
Tel.: +56(2)23497044
URL: http://Alpacasadventure.cl
Email: Alpacasadventure@gmail.com; info@alpacasadventure.com
The best way get to know the beautiful Chile, it's a journey through his fascinating country. Our campers 4x4 give to our adventurers an opportunity to discover hidden corners of Chile.Our Campers 4x4 are not designed for luxury, but for functionality to resist in wilderness. Difficult road conditions, river crossings, steep passages master our cars without problems, but one must not give up the comfort of a warm shower or a comfortable bed.
Marchant Pereira 1460
Marchant Pereira 1460
Santiago 7501019
Tel.: +569 9784 2140
URL: http://www.citybikerent.cl
Email: info@citybikerent.cl
Arriendo de bicicletas urbanas para recorrer la ciudad. Modelo de bicicleta urbana de alumino aro 28 con 21 cambios para hombre y mujer.El arriendo incluye; despacho y retiro, luces, casco, guantes y candado de seguridad.Rent urban bicycle to explore the city. Model Urban aluminum bicycle rim 28 with 21 gear for men and women.The rent includes; delivery and pick up, lights, helmet, gloves and paddle lock.
ECELA Spanish Schools in South America
Roman Diaz 297
Santiago 7500618
Tel.: +56 994449189
URL: http://www.ecela.com
Email: brian@ecela.com
ECELA is the perfect choice for your Spanish Immersion Program. With six schools in three countries (Argentina, Chile and Peru) you will be able to choose the environment that best suits you. Our Spanish schools have closely integrated curriculum and services, which provide you with the opportunity to visit multiple locations with ease whilst continuing your studies.