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Thunderstoms, weather and hurricanes in Jamaica

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Thunderstoms, weather and hurricanes in Jamaica

Hi all,

As part of my honeymoon and after lots of second thoughts due to hurricanes Irma and Jose activity in the Caribbean, as both hurricanes seem to be declining and changing trayectory i have decided to finally travel to Montego Bay in Jamaica this Sunday the 17th of September.

My last concern is about weather forecast, as i have seen that it will be thunderstorms almost everyday until my holidays will end the 26th.

I read about how common are these T-storms in Jamaica and the fact they usually happen 2-3 hours max. during the day with sunny hours in between... but also read about active hurricanes in the Caribbean or nearby can extend the storms( hurricane Jose is changing its path but still close) . So my questions are:

-Had anyone previous experience with thunderstorms wheater forecast in Jamaica to confirm there will be some sun as well?

-Experiences with this weather forecast with recent hurricane actives will be much appreciated for my peace of mind.

Thanks in advance.

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1. Re: Thunderstoms, weather and hurricanes in Jamaica

Hola Rodrigo,

Everything that you have stated is true.

Here is a link that will help you to keep calm and enjoy your honeymoon. www.nhc.noaa.gov/gtwo.php?basin=atlc&fdays=5

Please take plenty of pictures as I am sure that you have nothing to hide.

My best wishes to you both, Johnny

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