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Desde abr. de 2009

hombre de 50-64 años

Chertsey, Reino Unido

I enjoy a relaxed pace when on holiday, not too much going on at once or it isn't a holiday. Action-packed days full of 'activities' are not for me and I very strongly dislike being 'organised'. I like quiet places, mountains, sea views, tranquillity and sunsets. Crowds and 'popular' resorts are not for me either, I enjoy empty beaches and out-of-the-way little places. I like to plan and organise my own holidays as this enhances the whole experience; anticipation is half the fun. Package deals to a single 'resort' are not for me and I can think of few things I would less like to do than spend my holidays in company with hundreds (or thousands) of other holidaymakers. I enjoy a good 'meal out' even when not on holiday, it makes life more enjoyable - and saves on the washing up :)
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