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Desde oct 2004

mujer de 50-64 años

Riverside, California

Love to Travel! I work for an airline and try to take full advantage of it. Best vacation was taking a Windstar cruise in Tahitii...This was relaxing and romantic! We also try to do the New Orleans Jazz fest every year. Beach destinations are our thing...sun and fun! My best beaches? Tahiti -Turks and Caicos-Cancun area-Hawaii of coarse-Grand Cayman-Thailand... Scuba??? pretty much the same as the best beaches-add to that Cozumel, and belize... Reconcidering the scuba thing after kicking a shark with my fin to get him away from me.. Crazies things ? Gecko on my chest in pool in Thailand and getting startled and throwing my cell phone and camera in the water. Fire on the 27th floor in Honolulu and seeing all the asian tourist rolling down their hard luggage in the stairwell...most were abandoned around the 19th floor Also exciting was booking a "flop" house room in Fairbanks and not knowing what one was.Did the same thing in San Fran hotel by strip club !!
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