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Desde mar. de 2010

mujer de 35-49 años


I am an avid traveler, domestic and abroad, who loves to see new places but enjoys being a bit of a creature of habit for favorite jaunts like Rehoboth Beach and Orlando in the US and Maceio and Nuremberg abroad. I am an anthropologist and an art teacher, and I homeschool my kids, affording me both the time to travel and the ingenuity to make certain trips "educational" and not just entertaining. I am a bargain-finder, but I do not stay at budget hotels or eat fast food. We like, whenever possible, to seek hotels that give perks to loyal customers and we save money on travel by doing cooking/bagging lunches and avoided zillions of souveniers. We like the comforts of home when we travel, which means we often travel with a lot of stuff, but in the long run, it means we don't have to buy the overpriced toiletries and medications we may have forgotten, and, whenever possible, the kids have stuff to play with or things to read, which often saves a bit on in-room movies, etc.
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